in 1 hour or less!

LIVE Workshop Hosted by Kaci Brown

It's GO TIME! Immediately infuse CASHFLOW and MOMENTUM into your business... and HAVE FUN doing it!

Create demand and validation for your offer using this proven method!

(Seriously, it's well past time to get out of your own way... overthinking, worrying, or stressing about "all the things")

I’ll show you the exact process we teach in our coaching program and walk you through each step LIVE in the workshop to get your offer out into the market in lightning speed.

(Yep, we are doing this TOGETHER!)

I’ll give you the step-by-step details I used to launch my agency, mastermind, and still use and teach in our programs...

  • Anchor Your Expertise & Authority
  • Attract Dream Client BUYERS
  • Create The Catalyst Event To Launch Your Premium Offer


I am running this workshop LIVE three times so you can select which works best for you (and of course you are welcome to attend more than one!)

Tuesday: Sept. 14th, 12-2pm EST

Wednesday: Sept. 15th, 9:30-11:30pm EST

Tuesday: Sept. 28th, 12-2pm EST

Registration includes access to final edited workshop recording

Q & A Sessions, Sample Scripts, and Workbook.

  • LIVE Workshop

This live training will be 90mins-2 hrs long or until all your questions have been answered. I want YOU to be able to have the mind shift and tools you need to clearly see the path of launching your One Hour Cash Machine!

  • LIVE Offer Launch Buildout Examples

I will show you how we build out our own offers and the blueprint we teach our clients so you can create your own personal premium offer formula.

  • Launch YOUR OWN One Hour Cash Machine

Within the timeframe of this workshop, you will be able to plan and launch your very own One Hour Cash Machine with LIVE SUPPORT!

Total Value = $297


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Liberating & Empowering!

"If I could only choose one workshop to attend this year... it would unquestionably be this one! Kaci and her world view is liberating, empowering, and full of FIRE!" - Shannon Busse


Next Level For Me!

"I left feeling equipped and encouraged and empowered and enabled to take this to the next level for me, for my business and to do the big, scary things that I planned to get to my goals of having a one day work week and still achieve all of my financials and impact driven goals. So that's not something that I could have done on my own. And I'm so, so thankful for you guys."- Malena Southworth


Quickly Get Your Offer Into The Marketplace!

"I don't know that ever seen somebody give so much high touch, and (I'm going to make this term up), "high-care". She's incredibly supportive. Even outside the direct coaching calls with just pushing people outside their comfort zone, in a way that's not threatening, And I think that's completely invaluable! If you are looking for anyone to coach with, particularly in creating your premium offer and supporting you from wherever you are in your business now, to having a high ticket premium offer, and getting that into the marketplace in a way that's quick, efficient, and comfortable- Kaci's your woman."- Stirling Gardner

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